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I am regular contributor for printed and online magazines. As a biologist, I’m always interested in what my subjects are doing, and I still prefer an even not technically  perfect image  but with a “biological” interest, instead of a regularly perfect photo where nothing really happens. In some biodiversity hot-spots like many of the Indonesian Islands an the Indo-Pacific Coral Triangle, many aspects such as symbiosis, parasitism, and commensalism are quite easy to observe.

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About me

Francesco Ricciardi Underwater&Travel PhotographyBiologist with a PhD in Animal Biology, photographer and diving instructor –not necessarily in this order– I started to scuba diving in the late 90’s. After some years of training, I  discovered the magic of underwater photography, thanks to an old second-hand Nikonos that suddenly flooded during my first trip in the Red Sea. The next step was towards a reflex camera, first analogic and now digital.

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