About me

Francesco Ricciardi Underwater&Travel PhotographyBiologist with a PhD in Animal Biology, photographer and diving instructor –not necessarily in this order– I started to scuba diving in the late 90’s. After some years of training, I  discovered the magic of underwater photography, thanks to an old second-hand Nikonos that suddenly flooded during my first trip in the Red Sea. The next step was towards a reflex camera, first analogic and now digital. In recent years I had the possibility to stay for long periods in some wonderful diving locations (as the Bunaken National Park, in Indonesia, and the Medas Island Natural Reserve, Mediterranean Coast of Spain) and to travel in many other incredible sites like Australia, Fiji Islands, Philippines, and other sites in Indonesia like Bali and Togian Islands.

I have founded of the diving school Biodiving in Milan, Italy, with the purpose of educate people through scuba diving to love and respect the sea. The school is still active and certifying new divers every month.

Some of my images have been awarded in some Italian & International Photo Contests and published in magazines like EZDive, Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Tauchen, Marine DivingX-Ray Magazine, Underwater Photography, BioEcoGeo and Scuba Diver Australasia.

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