Have you ever seen something really new?

Have you ever seen something really new?

This is an old article I published in Zoological Studies (2007). Was so nice to discover something new, even if in a such small scale…



First Record of a Color Variation of Cuthona diversicolor (Tergipedidae: Aeolidina) Feeding on the Hydroid Aglaophenia cupressina , on a North Sulawesi (Indonesia) Coral Reef

by Francesco Ricciardi

Coral reefs in the Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi, Indonesia are already well known as hotspots of biodiversity. Bunaken was declared a national park in 1991, based on its high coral, mangrove, and fish diversity, and the abundance of rare species. This area is characterized by fringing reefs on Bunaken I. and mainly by wide bays of volcanic sand and patch reefs along the Manado Coast. Patch reefs located in the sandy and shallow lagoons, often ignored by divers, show a very high biodiversity and several undescribed associations between different organisms.

The stinging hydroid Aglaophenia cupressina is widely distributed along coral reefs in the Bunaken area. Only the nudibranchs Doto ussi (Ortéa, 1982) and Cuthona yamasui (Hamatani, 1993) were previously known to be predators of this hydroid.

Pictures on this page shows a color variation of the nudibranch Cuthona diversicolor (Baba, 1975), (Tergipedidae: Aeolidina) previously only known to be distributed from Hong Kong to Japan, feeding on A. cupressina, at a depth of 8 m during the night on a patch reef in a wide sandy bay off Kalasey (south of Manado). This is the first evidence of this feeding relationship and the first sighting of this species in the Indonesian Archipelago. Available here: http://zoolstud.sinica.edu.tw/Journals/46.4/473.pdf

Acknowledgments: Thanks are given to Dr. Bill Rudman (Australian Museum, Sydney) who identified the nudibranch and Celebes Divers, Kalasey, for the logistical support.


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