Little Mysteries

This is a collection of little animals that I haven’t been able to classify yet. Maybe someone can help me to give them a name…

Elysia sp11

Elysia sp11


Mystery n.1: Green Sea Slug from Lembeh Strait.

This little slug (maybe a saccoglossan?) was photographed during a dive in Lembeh Strait, depth around 15 mt. Approx 2 cm lenght.

Mystery solved!!

Thanks to Fabio Russo,  this slug is Elysia sp11 (Waiting for definitive description)



Unknown Flatworm Lembeh



Mystery n.2: this is supposed to be a flatworm, even I’m not sure at 100%. No gills, no rhinophora. Moving quite fast. Lenght 2 cm, depth 10 m approximately. Lembeh Strait.






Sea Slug Fam. Aplysidae


Mystery n.3: I’m almost sure that this slug belongs to the Aplysidae. I would call it Aplysia sp., but I’m not totally sure. 3 cm lenght, living in a mooring line close to the Manado Coast, Indonesia. Blue spots all along the body.

Mystery solved!!

Thanks to Massimo Boyer,  this slug is Bursatella cfr. leachi



Unknown Goby


Mystery n.4: This small goby as observing me hidden inside a little anellid tube. I cannot identify the species, even because in the photo the body is not shown…






Unknown worm 

Mystery n.5: I’ve found this tubeworm (at least, I think it’s a tubeworm) moving on a black sandy bottom. There were many individuals crawling in a relatively small area. Approximately 5 cm long, 10 meters depth.

MYSTERY SOLVED! Thanks to Marzia Bo from the Marche Polytechnic University that indicated that this polychaete is belonging to the family Onuphidae, probably of the genus Hyalinoecia.

The exact name of the species cannot be determined without the microscopical analysis if the body.



Unknown crab 


Mystery n.5: the ugliest crab (or crustacean, however) in the world. Quite a big animal, maybe around 25-30 cm body lenght. Photographed in Lembeh Strait, around 15 mt depth, diurnal dive.






Undescribed solar-powered nudi?


Mystery n.6:

Another little mystery of Indonesian waters: this undescribed nudibranch (probably Phyllodesmium sp.) seems to be furnished of something like endo-symbiotic algae like the congeneric solar-powered nudibranch Phyllodesmium briareum.


2 cm length, living on a mooring line at approximately 5 mt depth.






Mystery n.7: 

Unknown Decorator Crab from Lembeh Strait, approximately 10 cm lenght, 15 meters depth. Living in a sponge/coral area

Unknown Decorator Crab

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