Little tribute to Foraminifera

Little tribute to Foraminifera

Probably it is not the most interesting organism of the coral reef, but why not publicize it sometimes? (At least, I think it is a foraminifera :))

Here the wikipedia description. Quite interesting organisms actually.



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    I’m just wondering, how big is it? How deep the water is?

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      Dear Jane, thanks for your comment.
      It is approximately 1.5 cm diameter, there are many individuals in shallow waters between 1 and 5 meters, especially in the seagrass area. Some of them remains attached on seagrass’ leaves.

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        It’s quite big, and very different from what I’ve seen (less than 500 mikrometers in diameter :)). Thanks for info. Hope to find them someday when I get back home 🙂

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