Trash everywhere – Is this what we deserve?

Trash everywhere – Is this what we deserve?

Trash everywhere

Is this what we deserve?

This picture could be have taken mostly everywhere in the world. Plastic of every possible origin floating everywhere, bags, bottles, glass, even shoes.

Is this what we really deserve thanks to our plastic use and abuse? It’s almost impossible go to a supermarket and be plastic-free, even  if you want. Here in Manado when you finish shopping they give you a lot of plastic bags – most of them absolutely unuseful. Water is inside plastic, food inside plastic, everything is inside plastic.

We can blame the government, for sure, there is any kind of serious action against plastic littering. We can blame the ignorance, many people simply ignore that even if you throw something in the sea, it will ba back again, or maybe will kill marine life. We can blame the human selfishness, if my room is clean I don’t care about the rest of the world.

Anyway, it’s really unacceptable that one of the coral reefs paradises is choking by all this trash. Manado people, wake up: you’re going to lose a large part of your tourists in a very short period. Don’t be “sombong”, you need them.



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