Unbelievable images (or not?)

Unbelievable images (or not?)

The World Underwater Image Festival in Marseille (France) is one of the most famous underwater photo and video contests in the world. Winning images are always stunning – expecially in the “Portfolio” category, where you have to present a set of 10 images, so you justcan’t be only lucky. However, expecially in recent years, I’m starting believing if (sometimes) something wrong happens. A couple of example of winnig images thi year (2009):

Both images are really amazing. In the B/W photo, I expecially like the use of the light (behind the subject). The leopard seal caching  the penguin also, really a great shot!

But, as always, I’d like to know “how”! Good the light of the blenny, but how does he focus the light in the blenny eye? And the penguin.. maybe was already dead.. wasn’t it?

Anyway, very good shots. But, in this kind of high-level competitions, I think it would be useful to add some more informations about the photographic technique, and maybe (joint with the definitive image) also the RAW file. Just in case…



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    I just wanted to mention that Keri Wilk, who is a contributor to DivePhotoGuide.com, took the black and white winning image of a backlit blenny. If you like to know the “how” behind the shot check out the article he wrote on supermacro that discusses the back lighting technique he employed in that image


    As for the penguin shot, I have not heard from the photographer, but what a shot!

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    Check out some great photos by Marty Snyderman over here. This guy spends his life diving around the world… I hope one day to have a fraction of his encounters with marine life:


    He goes into depth about each shot and the techniques used. He’s not a big self-promoter but his talent and experience goes without saying. You can subscribe via email to get a new Photo each week.

    Cool site Frances!


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